5 Male Outfits That You Can’t Do Without

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5 Male Outfits That You Can’t Do Without

we are no more in caveman times when clothes are simply meant to conceal our naked bodies, every modern man understands that clothes do more than this. Every man needs to pay adequate attention to the types of outfits they have in your wardrobe because they tell a lot about who you are, and even play a role to determine how comfortable you will be feeling throughout the day. Considering these, you need to know what outfits you should be investing in. This post will help guide you on 5 essential outfits that you must have as a modern, fashionable man.


Whether it’s boxer shorts, briefs or undershirts underwear are an absolutely essential piece of clothing to have as a man. A lot of men wear underwear without really knowing their purpose. If you have ever been in an uncomfortable situation where you start to grow an unexpected embarrassing bulge then you have a clue as to why wearing an underwear is important, but even beyond this they help absorb sweat and other bodily fluids that could leave an embarrassing wet spot on our outer clothing, thereby having you feeling comfortable as you go about your day.


Virtually every boy had a dream about being a rock star like Mick Jagger or Elvis while growing up, if you had this dream then you know it wouldn’t be complete without a cool leather jacket. Jackets are a total fashion essential, whether it’s a leather or denim jacket or a sports jacket, jackets have a way of taking a look from ordinary to edgy, stylish and sexy. Jackets can be worn with virtually any type of outfit, they can be worn with jeans and white Tees for that rock star look.


T-shirts are a must have in every man’s closet, this goes without saying because they are versatile, fashionable, practical and very comfortable to wear. T-shirts can be worn with a wide variety of outfits to create different looks. A plain white tee or t-shirts of any color can be worn with virtually any outfit and it will still make for a knockout, trendy look. They can be worn to brunch, to the beach or even to a meet-and-greet, the t-shirt truly does have little limitations.

Base Layer

Over the years the importance of living a healthy and active life has really hit home and this is the reason we see more people exercising more in order to keep healthy and improve the look of their bodies. For men who are enthusiastic about getting in shape, investing in a base layer is definitely important because they help to absorb sweat when you are working out and also keep you warm when in cold weather. This outfit is important because every man should lead an active life and for this purpose, they require the right clothing.


Socks are probably the most underrated piece of clothing and that is why a lot of men do not invest enough time or attention in getting the right socks to fit their outfits. The right color of sock can bring together your entire look quite nice and could get you looking like a fashionista. Even beyond just looks, socks help keep the feet dry which is important to avoid unpleasant smells when the shoe comes off.
It is vital that every man has these outfits in their wardrobes, but asides this, you must ensure that when shopping for these outfits you know the right place to go to. At www.piranhagym.com you can get quality, high-grade outfits that are sure to be worth every penny you intend to invest in looking and feeling good.

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