Shopping For The Perfect Gym Outfit

Can’t make up your mind on what gym cloth to buy? Would you believe me if I tell you there is a hack for picking the right gym clothes? That you can work out and look good while doing it. Yes, there is a way for you to continue on your journey towards being fit, losing that post-baby fat, unleashing that summer body, or whatever is your motivation for hitting the gym. Picking the right gym clothes is important, an art, and a science, and should be treated as such. The process, however, is dependent on factors that include your body size, the fabric the cloth is made of, the type of exercises you intend doing, how much you sweat, the weather, and more.

Pick fabrics that breathe

Sweating is inevitable when you work out. Be it a HIIT, a quick walk in the park, the drip-drip cannot be avoided. This means you need gym clothes that would not hold the sweat in. This cuts out all plastic and rubber-based materials. You should instead go for cotton-based materials as they absorb the sweat (con: they stick to your skin as you work out, which is not such a bad thing); polyester, which is less-absorbent but wicks the sweat off; nylon which has great wicking off properties; or gym wears that combine any of the three.


Comfort over aesthetics

Come in here all ye who drip like a faucet is open (and everyone else actually). Do not pick beauty over comfort. In the eternal war between looking good for the ‘gram and being comfortable as you work out, the latter must always win out. Do not pick tight clothing, pants that chafe, too-tight sneakers.

Off for a run? Do not wear loose pants. Got some yoga planned? Get fitted fabrics that will also stretch. Wear nothing that will impede or make you incapable of working out.


Change with the seasons

The seasons come and go and so should your gym wear. This is especially so if you work out outdoors. When the weather is hot/warm, go for fabrics that breathe as you would sweat a lot and allow for ease of movement. For those who sweat heavily, cotton it is as the sweat would not evaporate fast enough. This can lead to discomfort and irritation.

For when winter is here or is coming, layered dressing is the way to go. Not too layered though as you would grow warm as you start working out. Do not forget to get gloves

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